středa 10. prosince 2014

Hello Kids from Spain!

We prepared a game for you. The name of this game is "Guess my name". Your teacher ( Mari Carmen) gives you a paper with a text. You read it. Than you watch the video and guess what´s the kid´s name.

I´m Jakub. I like pigs and Lego. My favourite series is Doctor Who. My favourite computer game is Diablo, planet vs. Zoombie. I like drawing.

Hello! My name is Katka Mánková. I´m 9. I´m from Prague. I like painting and swimming. I like pizza and nuts. I´m crazy.

Hello. My name is Vanda. My favourite color is black and my favourite animal is a dog. My favourite food is salad. I´ve got blond hair. I like rope skipping. 

Hello. My name is Petr. My favourite animal is tiger. My favourite color is green.  I can street dance. I am happy.

Hello. My name is Martin. I have got brown eyes and blond hair. I like art and Lego. My favourite serial is Spongebob.

Hello. My name is Miša. I can swim, play football and ride a bike. I like vegetable and fruit. I don´t like fish. I´ve got brown hair. My favourite animal is horse. My favourite color is purple.

Hello. My name is Matěj. My favourite animal is cat. I like pizza and my favourite game is Little Big Planet 3

Hello. My name is Sofia. I´ve got dirty blond hair. I´ve got blue and green eyes. I like apples. My favourite singer is Ariana Grande. My favourite boy singer is Bruno Mars. I am happy.

Hello. My name is Ivan. My favourite toy is Lego. I like English and my favourite food is pizza.  I like games on PSP - playstation portable. Bye!

Hello. My name is Andrea. I´m nine. My favourite pet is Guinea Pig. I can swimmand ski. I can´t play basketball. I like reading books.

Hello. My name is Julie. I like English and my favourite color is black and white. I don´t like fish.

Hello. My name is Tereza. i like fish and vegetables. I can play basketball and ride a bike. I love my friends.

Hello. My name is Mikuláš. I like computer games and my friend. My favourite heroe is Batman. I can swimm, I can dive... Bye bye!

Hello. My name Hana. My favourite animal is a little bird and my favourite food is little fish. I´ve got brown and green eyes and my favourite color is blue. I am happy.

Hello. My name is Bara. My favourite color is purple, my favourite animal is giraffe. My favourite food is fish and chicken. I am fine.

Hello. My name is Patrik. My favourite animal is cat. I love cats. My favourite food is pizza and chicken. My favourite serial is on Animal (Animal Planet TV)

Hello. I am Niky. I like fish and potatoes. My favourite color is blue. My favourite animal is an elefant. I like swimming and diving. Bye bye. 

My name is Apolenka. My favourite color is yellow. My favourite food is fruit.

Hello. My name is Francesco (Franchí). My favourite food is spaghetti and my favourite animal is lion. I like Spongebob. Bye!

Hi. I am Jakub. My favourite food is pizza. I can play florball and ride a bike. Bye.

Hello. My name is Ema.  My favourite color is black, my favourite animal is rat. I can swim. Bye bye!

My name is Kubík. What is your favourite color? It´s black. What is your favourite animal? It´s lion. What is your favourite food? Pizza. Bye bye!

Hello. My name is David. I´ve got little nose and glasses. I can swim. I can´t skate. Bye bye.

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